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Abby Locke is very passionate about helping others to make BOLD career and life changes.


For 20+ years, she has helped professionals and executives to "level up" their careers.


She is a talented resume writer.

A personal branding strategist.


A career catalyst.


A great career storyteller.

Her unique strategy helps professionals to:

  • uncover their personal brand,

  • understand their value proposition 

  • stand out in today’s competitive market

  • excel in private and government sectors

TOP resume & career marketing solutions

Let's face it.


If you are on this page, your career and job search are not on track.


Heck, the year 2020 did not go as planned for any of us.

The economy has taken a big hit, some industries tanked and other industries are soaring.

Employers and recruiters are still on the hunt for top talent.


But here's my question for you right now.


Will you be found easily in the sea of professionals trying to land a new job?

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Where are you Stuck?

-- Launching an executive job search after many years?

-- Frustrated about how to get a federal government job?


-- Unsure about how to best reach decision makers and hiring managers?


-- Confused about how to leverage LinkedIn in your job search plans?


-- Struggling with a "do-it-yourself" executive or federal resume that gets no hits?


-- Curious about personal branding and discovering value proposition?

If you said "yes" to any of the questions above, you're in the right place.

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BEing SUCCESSFUL today, takes...


a) Powerful, hard-hitting resume showcasing your talents, personal brand and unique value proposition.


b) Ability to articulate your strengths, top career accomplishments and differentiating traits.

c) Confidence in translating your "selling points" into career documents, elevator pitches, LinkedIn and more.

That's why working with me is going to make sense

I work with top executives, emerging leaders, mid-level professionals and career changers who are great at their craft, but struggle with “selling themselves”

I help them increase their brand profiles, become sought after leaders and earn the top salaries they deserve.

Are you ready to achieve BOLD career goals? It starts with a conversation, let's talk today.

Ranked as one of 10 best executive resume and federal resume writing service for 2021

rave client reviews

“I believe working with Abby was the keystone to helping me find the right position.With her help and focus I was able to find a position within two months of beginning my search. Thanks Abby for setting up for success in taking my career to the next level"

— R. Alexander, Director


Transform your executive career today!


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